Give the Gift of VOX this Festive Season.

The festive season is well and truly upon us!
As Christmas approaches children around the world have Santa on their minds, as they eagerly daydream about the potential gift haul underneath the festive tree. Everyone of them are anxiously thinking if they’ve been overly naughty… or sufficiently nice!
The same applies to us… the bigger children. Even though the “who’s been naughty or nice” comments don’t effect us in the same way, one thing is for sure…We ALL look forward to enjoying the festivities and spending time with loved ones.
However, it’s a known fact that as we get older we are given the responsibility of spreading the love among friends and family. Lets face it this can be an incredibly difficult task, especially when it come to Gift Ideas when shopping in today’s incredibly diverse shopping outlets and massive malls!
Which is why Santa himself approves of you giving the “Gift of VOX”! Our Movie Gift Card ideas are the ideal option for gift ideas to give to your friends and family!
With a range of load on amounts, gift cards & folders you can choose the option that best suits your recipient! We also offer 150 dhs of great value in the form of vouchers with a load on amount of 250 dhs or more.
Call the VOX Cinemas “Call Centre” for more information on: 600 599 905
Give the Gift of Movies this Festive Season… The Gift that your loved ones approve!
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For more information regarding movie showtimes, please visit the VOX Cinemas website.
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